STANDARD GPS Security for Two-Wheeler

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Secure Your Ride

With Voice-Enabled & Real-Time GPS Device For Two-Wheelers

Letstrack GPS Tracking Device for 2-Wheeler can be used for any scooty or bike. The GPS tracking device is synced with the Letstrack app so that it can get all the live data related to the vehicle and send it your mobile phone for easy understanding and peace of mind. Now, monitor your 2-wheeler’s location from anywhere!

Be In Total Control

  • Track Your 2-Wheeler 24x7
  • Instant Alert on Vehicle Movement
  • Instant Alert on Engine-Ignition
  • Installed with 2-Wheeler’s Battery
  • Easy Mobile App Setup
  • Unlimited App & Device Sharing
  • FREE Installation
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • No Hidden Cost
  • FREE SIM with 1-Year Subscription
  • Unlimited Sharing of Device
  • Unlimited Customised Alerts
  • Power Back-up after unplugging

Be In Total Control

  • Track Your 2-Wheeler 24x7
  • Instant Alert on Vehicle Movement
  • Instant Alert on Engine-Ignition
  • Installed with 2-Wheeler’s Battery
  • Easy Mobile App Setup
  • Unlimited App & Device Sharing
  • FREE Installation
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • No Hidden Cost
  • FREE SIM with 1-Year Subscription
  • Unlimited Sharing of Device
  • Unlimited Customised Alerts
  • Power Back-up after unplugging

Device Features

The crucial idea of Letstrack vehicle security and tracking system is to ensure the safety of all our customers. The device also has several unique features like Engine Cut, Sleep Mode, and Ignition Status. Now, monitor your two-wheeler from wherever you are!









*Terms & Conditions Apply

Real-Time Tracking & 24-Hour History

This feature enables you to track in the present time with exact location, instantly. Do not have time to track your car in real-time? Then, you can check the 24-hour history of where all it has been, on just a single screen, and never worry about them again.

Voice-Enabled – Now Talk To Your Two-Wheeler!

Yes! You can talk to your car anytime with the help of your phone’s Google Assistant. You can give almost any command to the Letstrack App and it will provide you whatever information you seek about your car, wherever it might be.

Anti-Theft Technology With Engine Cut*

This is the most powerful feature any security device can give you. On your command, it will shut down your vehicle’s engine anywhere. Simply clicking on the "Engine Cut" button will disarm the battery power, leading to immediate immobilization. *T&C Apply.

Value Screen – With Vehicle Handling Stats

View your vehicle’s status details and manage your device’s features via the Letstrack Mobile App – such as engine on/off alert, speed alert, parking notification, fuel detector, safe mode, anti-theft, and many more!

Geo-Fencing (Zone Alert) & Speed/Parking Alert

Letstrack App enables you to Create "Zones" for tracking your two-wheeler. It alerts your loved ones every time you enter or exit the designated area. It also sends you Speed Alert and Parking Notification.

How It Works

Install Your Device With The Help Of Our Technician

Give a call on our Hotline Number 782-7822000 and share your IMEI Number OR Send a message on our WhatsApp Number +91 84489 99732 and share it there. Alternatively, you can email us at for the same.

Download & Install The Letstrack App On Your Mobile

Simply search for “Letstrack” on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile phone. Download and Install the app on your phone and sign up with your credentials. The application size is small, so it will take only a couple of minutes.

Add Your Device To The App & Complete Your KYC

To Add Device on your Letstrack App, please go to “Settings/FAQ/Device & Parking/How to add device”. At the final step, you will have to enter your Aadhaar Number and the RC Number. The details will be instantly verified and that’s it!

Why Letstrack?

Letstrack is a UK-based MNC, recognized as Asia's Largest Vehicle Security Company and is now World's First Voice-Integrated IoT Brand. We believe that “Anything that moves needs tracking” and that’s our vision. We do it through the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our path-breaking and industry-defining devices and services have led Letstrack to win 17 awards in the last 3 years, “100 Greatest Brands in India” being one of them.

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You might have some ifs and buts about Letstrack GPS Security Devices. We understand your concern that’s why we have put answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the product.

Letstrack device is a GPS/GSM feature enabled instrument used for personal tracking / vehicle tracking / assets tracking
Yes, the Letstrack featured devices come for all ranges of Light Motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, two wheelers etc. We also provide devices for child tracking, elderly tracking and personal tracking.
No, the device installation is completely different and has got nothing to do with the electronic system of vehicles.
No, this device is not harmful for your vehicle/ battery and also does not conflict with vehicle's warranty. The installation wiring is done coupler-to-coupler thus needs no wire cuts. On the other hand, it provides extra safety and security to your vehicle.
This depends on the model/type of device selected and the model & type of vehicle to be installed in. As it is a security option/measure thus only the owner of the vehicle knows the location of the device.
We provide a centralized online helpdesk, which resolves all the problems faced by the customer.
This feature comes in specific models of Letstrack devices. Engine cut and restart can be easily accessed through both Letstrack app and web versions.
To add a device in your Letstrack mobile app, follow the following steps:
Step1: Click on the Letstrack app of your phone
Step2: Click the 'Letstrack' option at the bottom-left hand side of the screen
Step3: touch the ' plus (+) ' icon at the bottom row of the screen to add device
Step4: Now, in the device section, click on the 'add' option that appears in the top-right corner of screen.
Step5: In the next screen, enter the desired device name, like for what it has been assigned to, and in the next line enter the device ID (the device ID is the unique IMEI number which is printed on the device box)
Step6: Refresh the map screen by clicking on the refresh icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
Then, scroll down the map and you will see that a new map has been formed with the name of your device that you have added.
Yes, you can track multiple devices even from different platforms with your one account. Refer to the steps mentioned to 'add a device' to add more devices.
Of course, the Letstrack App is compatible with all the devices that we offer.
All our tracking devices come with a 12-month warranty policy. In the unlikely event that you do have a problem, please leave a message on suggestions or complaint section in the settings menu in the app or email us at:
In case you sell your vehicle, you can remove the device from that vehicle or contact us to book an engineer.
Yes, you can transfer the device from one vehicle to another vehicle but there will be a service charge payable to the engineer.
You can contact us by leaving a message on suggestions or complaints section in the setting tab in the app or can mail us to:
Authorized technicians from our service support station can only carry out installations. Our technicians regularly undergo tests and background checks to ensure your maximum security
Yes, to track your vehicles and enjoy the facilities for Letstrack, you need to install the Letstrack App, which is free. It also gives you free real time messaging facility.
Depending on the model of device and the vehicle and its type (two-wheeler/four-wheeler/ heavy vehicles etc.) the time taken to install a device in all such vehicles is between 30 min to 1 hour.
Once you are done with the device installation in your car and the Letstrack App installation in your phone respectively, then, to check the location of your vehicle(s), you need to follow these simple steps:
Step1: Click on the Letstrack app icon in the app
Step2: Click on to the 'Letstrack' icon
Step3: Select the name of the device and click on the pin to get the latest location.
Letstrack devices are the featured/branded products and thus come with the pre-loaded SIM card, which is subject to activation after proper documentation.
The information, which is given by all of, our devices, is generally about the current location of vehicles, their routes, their location history etc.
*The special features of devices may vary from model to model.
Yes, at the time of device installation, you need to fill a Customer Application Form.
In case of emergency, when you find that the Letstrack device fitted vehicle has been stolen you can do following:
  1. Track your vehicle and its location, and can inform the local police about its locations. (As recommended by Letstrack)
  2. Even you can cut the Engine off so as to control no further movement of the vehicle and can locate it easily through Letstrack (this feature is available in specific models)
The device can be monitored from anywhere in the world, all you need to have is Letstrack app on your phone.
Letstrack remembers &reminds you about the location where you have parked your vehicle.
The 'parking' icon enables you to save the location of your parked vehicle, so that you can locate your vehicle easily whenever you return. It also alerts you if the car leaves the parking zone.
The parking feature is used, when at the time of parking your vehicles you can save that location in Letstrack.
Step 1: Click on the Letstrack app icon in your phone.
Step 2: Click on Letstrack Icon on the bottom-left of the screen.
Step 3: Click on 'Me' option as given on the map screen.
Step 4: Current location pin shows where you currently are.
Step 5: Click on the 'car' icon and your current location will be saved as bookmark in the location history.
Step 1: Click the Letstrack app on the phone.
Step 2: Click 'Setting' at the bottom-right corner of chat/home screen
Step 3: Click on' About us & Help'
Step 4: Click on 'Contact us' at the bottom of the about us screen.
Step 5: Scroll down and fill in your name, email, phone number, and your requirement in the message
Step 6: Press 'SEND'
Step 7: Our executives will get back to you and assist you in finding the best device as per your requirement. Also, we will give you details of the nearest dealer & support center around you.
Through Email:
You can mail us your query to, with details such as Name, Email, Phone number, and your requirement.
Our executives will assist you in finding the best device as per your requirement. Also, we will give you details of the nearest dealer & support center around you.
Through Web:
Step 1: Log on to Step 2: Click on 'contact us' at the top-right corner of the home page. Step 3: Fill In your Name, Email, Phone number, and your requirement in the message. Step 4: Press 'send' Step 5: Our executives will call you back and assist you in finding the best device as per your requirement. Also, we will give you details of the nearest dealer & support center local to you.

Customer Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very poor service

I have purchased 3 systems, off and on, they keep going off line, in another word,
System stops working, they are unable to sort the problem on line, neither, they can provide local representative details, it is ashame, how they cheat customers, I have paid for 2 years of service. Half the time system does not work. I am in Lucknow, if they can’t provide service in a major city, can imagine in other small places.


Awesome App and Best Service.

Good App

The application works great, one of the best and is even compatible with old Androids what doesn't happen with all other competitor apps. We can go web to check history.


Simply Love it! Excellent product for people who care about their vehicle safety. It gives veh movement history and LIVE tracking facility and im sure Theres so much more.

Standard GPS Letstrack

The product that was delivered to me Standard GPS Security was awesome